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Jab We Watch Web Series

Jab We Watch Web Series: here we will be discussing everything about the popular web series, “Jab We Watch.”

This show has gained a lot of attention since its release and has become a fan favorite among many viewers.

In this post, we will delve into the cast of the show, including the main actors and actresses, as well as the release date and some reviews of the show.

We will also explore where you can watch this exciting series online, and we’ll be covering many other fascinating details.

So, if you’re a fan of “Jab We Watch” or if you’re interested in learning more about this show, be sure to read on for all the exciting information.

Jab We Watch Web Series: Overview

Jab We Watch
Image Source: YouTube
TitleJab We Matched
Also Known AsJab We Watch
GenreRomance, Comedy, Drama, Anthology
Written byNeil Chitnis, Sharanya Rajgopal, Amrit Paul, Bhavya Raj, Ritu Mago
Directed bySrinivas Sunderrajan
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons01
No. of episodes04
Original networkAmazon miniTV
Release dateFebruary 10, 2023

Amazon miniTV is set to premiere a new Indian anthology streaming television series titled “Jab We Matched” on February 10, 2023.

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Created by Sharanya Rajgopal, the series features four stand-alone episodes and promises to captivate its audience with its gripping drama and romance.

Jab We Watch Web Series Cast

Jab We Matched
Image Source: YouTube
1Sirf Ek DateShivangi Joshi, Prit Kamani
2JalkukdePriyank Sharma, Jasmin Bhasin
3Formula SheetRevathi Pillai
4AlgorithmMayur More, Abhishek Nigam

The series stars an impressive cast, including Jasmin Bhasin, Priyank Sharma, Mayur More, Abhishek Nigam, Shivangi Joshi, Prit Kamani, and Revathi Pillai.

The director of the series is Srinivas Sunderrajan, while Neil Chitnis, Amrit Paul, Bhavya Raj, and Ritu Mago wrote the screenplay.

Crew Members

Crew MembersRole
Srinivas SunderrajanDirector, Writer
Neil ChitnisWriter
Sharanya RajgopalWriter
Amrit PaulWriter
Bhavya RajWriter
Ritu MagoWriter
Shreya Dev DubeProducer
Nishtha SadwelkarProducer
Kartik ParmarCinematographer
Abhishek SethEditor
Siddharth BarhateMusic
Rohit JhaSound Designer
Gaurav SharmaArt Director
Eeshit NarainColorist


Jab We Watch Web Series Episodes
Image Source: YouTube

Jab We Met is a mini-series that revolves around contemporary dating experiences in India. Each of the four episodes tells a unique story about individuals who use dating apps to find love, hookups, or just to have fun.

The mini-series takes a deeper look at the highs and lows of online dating, including the complexities of swiping right and left and the emotional toll it can take on individuals.

The stories also highlight the various perspectives people have about relationships, love, and life in general.

Jab We Watch Web Series All Episdes
Image Source: YouTube

“Jab We Matched” is a unique and engaging series that offers a fresh perspective on modern dating and the impact of technology on our relationships.

Through its fascinating stories, the series showcases the different ways in which people use dating apps and the challenges they face as they search for love and connection in a digital world.

Jab We Watch Web Series Review

Jab We Watch Web Series Full Episode
Image Source: YouTube

Srinivas Sunderrajan’s “Jab We Matched” mini-series, comprising four stories of dating app experiences, is an excellent watch.

Each 25-minute episode offers a distinct narrative that captures the essence of modern dating, connecting with viewers of all ages.

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The unexpected climaxes in each story keep the viewer engaged, and the mini-series is a must-watch for anyone interested in modern dating.

Jab We Watch Web Series Watch Online
Image Source: YouTube

“Jab We Matched” is a welcome break from the usual love stories, and Srinivas Sunderrajan’s direction, combined with the dialogues and screenplay by various writers, make for an entertaining watch.

Overall, “Jab We Matched” deserves a rating of 4 out of 5, with its fast-paced storytelling, endearing chemistry between actors, and engaging plots.

This mini-series has a visual appeal, and the stories offer something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this modern take on dating, especially during the Valentine’s week!

Jab We Watch Web Series Actor Name
Image Source: YouTube

Production Company and Distribution

The series is produced by Anuj Gosalia and Terribly Tiny Tales, with Simranjeet Singh Malhotra and Vibhav Nigam serving as editors.

Amazon Prime Video is the official distributor of “Jab We Matched.”

“Jab We Matched” promises to be a must-watch series that is sure to capture the hearts of viewers.

Jab We Watch Web Series Review
Image Source: YouTube

With an incredible cast, talented directors, and an engaging storyline, the series is a perfect mix of drama and romance.

Jab We Watch Web Series Episodes

Jab We Watch Web Series Actress Name
Image Source: YouTube

“Jab We Matched” has four episodes, each directed by Srinivas Sunderrajan. Episode titles include “Jalkukde,” “Dating Algorithm,” “Sirf Ek Date,” and “Formula Sheet.”

Here is List of Jab We Watch Web Series All Episodes:

No. of EpisodesTitleRelease DateDuration
E01Sirf Ek Date2023-02-1024 min
E02Jalkukde2023-02-1025 min
E03Formula Sheet2023-02-1024 min
E04Algorithm2023-02-1024 min

Here are the highlights of each story:

“Sirf Ek Date” – The first episode revolves around Prachi (Shivangi Joshi), a dating app enthusiast who swipes right frequently.

She meets Vicky (Prit Kamani) during her Delhi trip and sparks fly. The question is whether they will take their connection to the next level.

The pace of the story is brisk, and the chemistry between the lead actors is endearing.

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“Jalkukde” – In the second story, set in Kanpur, Sunny (Priyank Sharma) and Payal (Jasmin Bhasin) are not over their ex-partners and want to make them jealous by dating others.

They match on a dating app, but will they succeed in making their exes jealous? This story has a murder mystery angle that keeps the viewer guessing.

“Formula Sheet” – The third tale is about Reena (Revathi Pillai), a college student who creates a fake Alia Bhatt profile on a dating app.

She discovers a profile named “Formula Sheet,” which belongs to someone from her college. Curiosity leads her to swipe right, and she exchanges notes with her admirer without knowing who it is.

This story has a 90s romance feel to it, and Revathi’s performance is effortless.

“Algorithm” – The final episode follows Roshith (Mayur More) and Chirag (Abhishek Nigam), engineering students who are clueless about dating.

Roshith creates the “B3F (Bandi Banao Backend Formula)” algorithm to learn everything he can about a girl and win her over.

Will the algorithm work its magic, or will they remain clueless? This story has a unique take on dating, and the actors convincingly play their roles.

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  1. What is Jab We Watch web series about?

    “Jab We Watch” is a four-part mini-series that tells different stories about people’s perceptions of dating apps and how they meet each other with different goals. Each episode has a different plot and characters.

  2. Who are the Jab We Matched Web Series Cast?

    The cast of “Jab We Watch” includes Shivangi Joshi, Prit Kamani, Priyank Sharma, Jasmin Bhasin, Revathi Pillai, Mayur More, and Abhishek Nigam.

  3. What is Jab We Watch Web Series Release Date?

    The release date of “Jab We Watch” web series was February 10, 2023.

  4. What are the reviews for Jab We Watch web series?

    “Jab We Watch” has received positive reviews for its contemporary stories, unexpected plot twists, and convincing performances by the cast.

  5. Who are the actors in “Jab We Match” episode of Jab We Watch web series?

    The actors in “Jab We Match” episode of “Jab We Watch” web series are Shivangi Joshi and Prit Kamani.

  6. What is the name of the actress in “Jab We Watch” web series?

    The actresses in “Jab We Watch” web series include Shivangi Joshi, Jasmin Bhasin, and Revathi Pillai.

  7. Who are the male actors in Jab We Watch web series?

    The male actors in Jab We Watch web series include Prit Kamani, Priyank Sharma, Mayur More, and Abhishek Nigam.

  8. Where can I watch Jab We Watch web series online?

    “Jab We Watch” is available for streaming on Amazon miniTV.


In conclusion, this post has covered a range of topics related to the popular web series “Jab We Watch”.

We discussed the main cast, including the actors and actresses, as well as the release date and some reviews of the show.

We also explored where you can watch this exciting series online, and we touched on other interesting details about the show.

If you’re a fan of “Jab We Watch” or if you’re just curious about this show, we hope that this post has provided you with some valuable information.

Keep an eye out for more exciting content and updates about “Jab We Watch” and other popular web series.

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