Dream Girl Web Series Ullu: Cast, Actress Name, Episodes Watch Online 2023

Dream Girl Web Series

In this article, we’ll give you all the Information you need to know about the Dream Girl web series Ullu, including its Cast, Crew, Release Date, and Trailer.

Ullu Originals has a history of producing successful web series and episodes, and Dream Girl is no exception.

This romantic drama promises to be a thrilling ride for viewers, with Nimritha in the lead role. Fans can only watch the new episodes of Dream Girl on the Ullu app.

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Dream Girl Ullu Web Series: Overview

Dream Girl Ullu Web Series
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Show NameDream Girl
GenreBold, Romantic
Release DateJanuary 2023 (Part 1)
DirectorNot Sure
PlatformUllu App

Dream Girl is an upcoming web series that will be released on the Ullu app in January 2023. The series falls under the romantic drama genre and centers on the lead character, Nimritha.

The Dream Girl web series is produced by Ullu Originals and features a talented cast, including Nimritha, Bharti Jha, and Pooja Poddar.

In addition to its captivating Storyline, the Dream Girl Ullu web series also boasts TOP-NOTCH production values, with stunning cinematography and high-quality visuals.

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With its talented cast and crew, engaging plot, and impressive production values, the Dream Girl web series is sure to be a hit with audiences when it premieres on the Ullu app in January 2023.

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Dream Girl Web Series Cast

Dream Girl Web Series Ullu
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NimrithaLead character
Bharti JhaUnknown
Pooja PoddarUnknown


Dream Girl Web Series Cast
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Dream Girl is a romantic drama that centers on the life of the lead character, Nimritha. The Series follows her Journey as she navigates through various challenges and experiences in her LIFE.

Along the way, she meets and falls in Love with a Charming and Charismatic Guy, adding a layer of romance to the Story.

As the Series progresses, viewers can expect to see Nimritha face various obstacles, both internal and external, as she strives to achieve her Goals and find Happiness.

The Show promises to be a Thrilling ride for fans of Romantic Dramas, and the talented Cast and Crew are sure to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Overall, the Story of Dream Girl web series is focused on the themes of love, Relationships, and Personal Growth, making it a relatable and engaging watch for viewers.

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Dream Girl Web Series Episodes List

Dream Girl Web Series Actress name
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No. of EpisodeTitleDirectorRelease Date
Episode 1Dream GirlTBAJanuary 2023
Episode 2Dream GirlTBAJanuary 2023
Episode 3Dream GirlTBAJanuary 2023

Dream Girl Web Series Watch Online


  1. Q: What is Dream Girl web series release date?

    A: Dream Girl Ullu series was released on January 2023.

  2. Q: Who directed Dream Girl Ullu series?

    A: Dream Girl web series director info is currently unknown.

  3. Q: What is Dream Girl Web Series actress name?

    A: The lead actress of Dream Girl web series is Nimritha.

  4. Q: What is Dream Girl Web Series actor name?

    A: The information about the male lead actor of Dream Girl web series is currently unknown.


In conclusion, the Dream Girl web series on Ullu Originals is an upcoming romantic drama that fans are eagerly anticipating.

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So guys in this post we just finished all the information related to Dream Girl Ullu Web Series.

What’s your thoughts on it must tell us by commenting down.

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